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Idaho Falls personal injury attorney
As an Idaho Falls personal injury attorney, Robert Beck has worked and resolved many cases throughout Southeast Idaho where his clients have been injured.  Each case has a unique situation, but Robert's years of experience in pursuing litigation has assisted him in navigating the twists and turns of the legal system.    
Because each situation presents its own challenges, Idaho Falls personal injury attorney Robert Beck makes sure to work individually with each client.  You can rest assured that important details will not be ignored or delayed.    


Robert Beck and Associates practices law in four major areas:   personal injury, product liability, worker's compensation, and disability. 

Personal Injury Cases


Idaho Falls attorneys - explaining the situationAny type of injury suffered by an innocent and and un-expecting person may be considered a personal injury.  While an injury can happen in various ways, personal injury attorney Robert Beck can help you understand your legal rights and what possibilities you may consider as a victim of the circumstance.  The most common personal injuries are outlined below:


Auto Injuries

Auto accidents that involve situations where reckless drivers injure an innocent pedestrian, motorcycle rider, or a driver of another car can cause serious injury and countless medical bills.   Semi-truck accidents can also prove tragic.  Idaho Falls personal injury attorney,Robert Beck , can help with cases throughout  Southeast Idaho!    Learn More


General Negligence

Personal injuries as a result of the negligence of another person or organization can also occur in many different ways.  From animal bites to a slip and fall, the injury can carry significant consequences.  In the case of head and brain injuries or neck, back and spinal injuries, the result can be life altering.  If you suffer any of these types of injuries or other catastrophic injury, Idaho Falls personal injury attorney, Robert Beck, services Southeast Idaho and beyond!     Learn More


Work Related Accidents

In the case where a person is injured at work or if an illness is contracted at work, you will likely need legal assistance to insure that you are properly represented.  Workers compensation claims are frequently denied or the payout is substantially reduced beyond what is fair to you.  Idaho Falls personal injury attorney, Robert Beck, can properly represent you!   Learn More


Product Liability Idaho Falls attorneys making a point in a case.

There are many cases were the general negligence of a company that produces a product or service can cause serious harm to an individual.  Situations may include a pharmaceutical company that develops a prescription drug that causes harm an individual.  
Another situation may include a healthcare provider who makes a serious mistake that causes a long-term debilitation or even death.  In these situations, you will need an experienced Idaho Falls personal injury attorney.  Robert beck can handle these cases locally without the need of hiring an out of state firm.  Learn More

Situations where insurance companies refuse to pay claims for which they are responsible, the legal expertise of Idaho Falls attorney Robert Beck is necessary.  Accidental death, property insurance and insurance companies acting in bad faith are all situations where legal counsel is necessary.  Again, Robert Beck has the trial experience to help you receive what is rightfully yours.  more
Social Security

Social Security Income & Disability 

In the situation where disability claims or Social Security Income (SSI) and disability (SSD) is denied, you and your family can be severely affected.   With the help of Idaho Falls attorney, Robert Beck, you will be able to traverse the bureaucracy and receive the income that is rightfully yours.  more


 Idaho Falls attorneys in civil case


Civil Litigation 

In this area of practice, Idaho Falls attorney Robert Beck assists with family situations.  Assistance is available to help with divorce, child custody, adoption and name changes.    more 



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